Monday, December 18, 2006

Xmas Pic

here is our family xmas pic.. normally g & I aren't in it but well kaitlyn & Rachel wouldn't sit..

the other pic we got was a better one of me, but well.. the others look better in this one.

Went and saw santa at the shops yesterday, and well, Benjamin pulled his beard (i warned them) and.. K & R screamed... it really is a chore getting 5 kids happy for the pic LOL

We only have a little bit of shopping left to do and we are finished YAY

I will be up loading a heap of pics to our site soon :)

have a great day


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


we are proud parents .. last night was the schools speech night, and I got a call from one of the teachers saying we had to go..

Natalie was awarded with the"Citizenship Award" for year 2 and Melanie got the "academic consistency & effort" award.. not just a piece of paper but an actual trophy..

So we are very proud of the girls.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Today was our Benjamin's 1st birthday party. we had a fun time with family and friends over.
he had a lightning Mcqueen cake, lots of pressies, but im not sure who had more fun LOL him or the bigger girls.
we rode the quad bike, and all the bubs had a go... and there was a water fight.. kids played in the pool, and had heaps of fun.

Mr. Benjamin crashed tonight. And so did half the others :)
in saying that I think i will too LOL

HERE are the pics

Monday, November 13, 2006

11mo TODAY!!

Ahhhhhhh Today Benjamin is 11mo.. Only one month and counting til he is ONE YEAR!

He is standing up and cruising the furniture.

As for the others... Melanie is doing really well in school.. Not long til they finish for the year..
Nat is also doing really well.. won a math game against the whole class last week.. SO proud.
Kaitlyn & Rachel are Potty trained during the day, which saves us heaps of money.
Not too much else happening. really Looking forward to xmas. Can't wait to get into it this year :)

Im off to feed kids lunch and hit the housework :)


Sunday, November 05, 2006

November already

Awww Look at my baby. We found him sound asleep in bed like this.. lol... sitting up snoring

We have had a normal week. Full of ups and downs. Kaitlyn & Rachel have been a struggle for me. Into heaps of stuff.. every day something new.. and most days I end up in tears thinking what next.
Like now for instance.. mid typing.. they got brown paint on the walls.. where they got the paint from we don't know.

I had all intentions on typing a fair bit about us recently.. but have lost it now, As I am most likely in trouble for not doing something.. this or that its always my fault..

c u later

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Our Benjamin is finally crawling.. but when he did it, there was no stopping. Yesterday afternoon, he crawled to ME! and that was it.. he's chasing me around the house LOL chases his sisters.. everything :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thank Goodness its not yesterday...

First to start... A cute pic of Benjamin... He just cut his 3rd tooth on the bottom.. so he now has 5.

He loves to put his head on his arm to rest while he's rolling around :) its tooo cute!!!

Now to the happenings of yesterday..

I was in the laundry and came back in to find Kaitlyn & Rachel repainting the house.. they hallway had purple swirls all down the hallway, including paint on the carpet. Sigh... thankfully it was kids craft paint and easily came off. although there is still a bit to get off the carpet.
So with cleaning up that, kids missed the bus, then had to go to playgroup, where Katya was grumpy to come, but soon settled in, including the standard fight over me.. My year as co ordinator is coming to an end YAY
Girls had their first session back to gymnastics, and loved it. I did groceries while they were there.

Anyway, best get back to housework while Benjamin is asleep

have a great day

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Today is my dad's 60th birthday.. Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

We had a surprise birthday party last night for him, which he was an hour late for LOL
Was a nice late night..

Kids had heaps of fun.. I made dad a canvas of pics & gave him his fav Choc Ginger..

Have to get girls now.



Saturday, October 14, 2006

10months old already!!!!

wow time does fly.. Our baby is just growing tooo fast, and is 10mo already.. he is moving all around the place. rolling, and turning.. he so wants to crawl, but hasn't quite got it..
no more teeth this month.. but he's had a little cold the last couple of days.

Its hot here, and he LOVES the pool.

I have to get dinner so i will post more pics later


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Quiet Weekend..

Such a quiet weekend here. We are missing the 2 big girls. Melanie is at my parents house. and Natalie is at a friends house. Im sure neither of them want to come home. But Melanie has to as she has a party to go to tomorrow.
I found 2 houses on the internet that are up for rent, one is a 5bedroom house, and the other a 7bedroom.. we are going to try for both of them.. I hope we get the 7.. it would be great! even a spare room for an office/scrapping space :)
Speaking of scrapping. I have done 4LO tonight. so i achieved what i wanted to get done.. here they are:

ah its getting late..
hope everyones well
Take care

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Busy couple of days

School holidays have hit and we have been busy busy busy..
yesterday we spent awhile with good friends at mingara swim center.. wore us out just slightly. Rach had a ball showing off her new swim skills, benjamin kicked back and loved it.. Kaitlyn well... she wasn't impressed.. wore her self out crying.. then settled down a bit. Mel & Nat had an awesome time :)
today we went up to Oakvale farm with a mum's group.. after a morning shower.. it turned out nice. Not too hot, and they had heaps of fun.. as you can tell by the pics. We patted heaps of animals, fed the lambs, goats, cows, kangaroo's heaps more.. Kaitlyn & Amy milked the cow, Daisy, Benjamin LOVED the goats and sheep eating off the front of his pram lol and wouldn't let go of the goats head..
they patted Koala's too..
Now everyone is tired and half of them are asleep LOL


Thursday, September 28, 2006


tomorrow is last day of school for 2 wks.. yay sleep ins..
Its also Nat's athletics carnival.. so i will go get some pictures too.. well hopefully i can find her.. they all look the same under their hats in their uniforms LOL

Benjamin has been a little grumpy and i think he's not 100% but he too will be fine soon enough. He has started clapping his hands :D:D:D

today was beautiful weather wise, and this afternoon the girls went outside to play.. here is B & K together on the little quad bike..

Ok there are some of my cuties...

I be off to bed now as im exhausted ...

take care all

Papa Panov Concert

Last night Mel had her school concert.. they did the story of Papa Panov..
she is in the middle in the black shirt.. and did a wonderful job.. we are very proud of her :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nice Family Weekend :o)

it was a beautiful weekend, spent as a family. Saturday we had lunch with my parents. And then went to the park for a little while. kids had a ball.. And it wore them out YAY
today we spent the day at home. The kids tidied their room and i did the same to ours. Glenn mowed the lawns, and we did some cooking with the girls.
Rachel is using the potty really well.. Kaitlyn did a backslide after being in hospital.. thankfully it has been nearly a week since we left, and no signs of going back yet.

anyway, I added some more pics to our site some real cute ones of kaitlyn & Rachel..

take care

9 Months old already

Can you believe it? My baby is 9mo!!!!

He is still as cute as ever..

Monday, September 11, 2006

alot has been happening..

Well what a week!!

Thursday was our 9 yr anniversary.. Yep we have been married 9yrs WOW.. We didn't do too much. just spent the day together, and g went to work as usual..
Friday, Mel woke up and felt blah, so i let her stay home. At lunch, we went as usual to eat with G. K started feeling a little warm, and g was asked to work on sunday night. that was fine. We came home. Kaitlyn & Rachel had a sleep and I made a brownie for dinner at our friends house. Unfortunately Miss K got worse. her temps were hitting 40+. So we came home and packed a bag for me to take Miss K back into the hospital..
There we sat for quite awhile. she had nurofen & Panadol while waiting, but still didn't bring her temp down. eventually we went in.. Only after we watched someone come in who had overdosed on drugs. so she was spasming everywhere.. And my brother (AJ) came in to keep me company while we waited..
she was monitored again. her temp got to nearly 41. A bit of riggors. we tried to get a wee sample. and she got a canula put in again. But this time it wasn't as good and she cried.. As did I.. that was simply heart wrenching. As much as you want to rescue them, you can't or they won't get better.
Anyway, we got up to the ward at 6am.. so we got her settled a bit more. she had iv fluids & antibiotics. about 730am i had a nap.. it was a dragged out time. with lots of missed sleep. But we came home now. more tests and they came out clear. so we are thankful.

more pics to come later..


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stressful few days..

Anyway.. To kinda fill you all in... Miss K started having feversLast Friday. She would seem to get better, but then it would hitAgain. I kept her fluids up and she didn't have any visible signs ofAn infection. So I procrastinated on the Dr. Yesterday I got in to a GP and she looked over K really well.. And said.. I think this isQuite serious. You need to go into the hospital she is ceptic (bloodInfection) which is closely linked with meningitis. So I trotted offHome. Rang g as I was leaving to organise his mum to babysit. AndRang my parents to let them know what was happening too.We got to the hospital. Waited for ages. So many kids with gastro..We waited and waited, all the while, while trying to get miss k toHave fluids. They needed a urine sample. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!Then ended up catherterizing her for a uring sample, B4 theyInserted the canula for IV fluids & antibioticsLong story short. I got to the ward with her at 4am.. She hadAnother lot of AB and I got an hour of sleep b4 sunlight & peopleWaking.. Yawn... LolHer temps are lessoning . She has a severe bladder infection.Which hopefully hasn't damaged her kidneys, but they will be testedIn a couple of months.

We are home now and she is getting back to her normal self.

Sad News..

Poor Little Rani, lost the fight and passed away on Friday afternoon. Please keep the Miller Family in your thoughts and prayers. as it will be tough on them.. Sleep well Princess Rani oxoxoxo

Monday, August 28, 2006

Please Pray..

please please pray for a special little girl, Rani. please go here to read her story. She is very sick and needs all the prayers you can..

thanks heaps

Nice Weekend..

Ahh another weekend over. We headed down to sydney early on saturday morning.. visiting famiy. stayed there over night. although Miss Kaitlyn was quite sick. it went better than we thought.. well I thought. Everyone slept most of the night. Nat was counting down from 5 in her sleep LOL and rach disappeared over to mel sometime in the dark hours. lol Kaitlyn just told me off for having a little bit of the pillow & then wanted cuddles all night.
The girls had heaps of fun. Aunty Al had to go to work on sunday morning.. but otherwise.. it was all good. We got home at 2pm ready for g to go to work at 3. it seemed like a LONG night with him working til 12. and thn the kids grumpy.

Here is Benjamin feeding himself.. its so cute

Monday, August 21, 2006

A Beachy day

Ah a lovely sunny day spent OUT.. We went to the shops to grab a few things, then Had a picnic lunch at a park... then we went to the beach for the kids to play.. But they ended up swimming.. Im not sure how.. it was freezing. Benjamin was a bit cold. so he was sad. Kaitlyn and rachel got tumbled by the water.. so they were cold..

we came home and we were ALL exhausted.. in bed by 830.. Gosh i feel OLD LOL

Check out the pics from it on Since the pics are working on blogspot..

Catch ya later

Monday, August 14, 2006

UP the bush...

Saturday, we headed up the Watagans for a church service with our church.. then a picnic lunch. Kids had a heap of fun. Nat was off as quick as she could exploring with the other kids. Mel wasn't too far behind her. Kaitlyn & Rachel tried to keep up with some of the bigger girls. Collecting pine needles for the fire.
Benjamin was content getting cuddles from his Birthday Cousin Kristiarne & feedling & sleeping :)
We headed home, rach fell asleep in the car not long later. I got to head out on a night with the girls. We went to the movies.. 10 of us went to see You, Me & Dupree. its a goooood movie LOL
Sunday.. we got to go and spend some time With friends of ours. It was Marlene's birthday lunch. And the kids had heaps of fun. They Live near the lake. So we were at the park.. check out this pic of nat i got. pic

Oh Kaitlyn & Rachel have decided to START POTTY TRAINING YAY Kaitlyn is going a slight bit better. But they are both doing wonderfully

Take care!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

School Pics are in...

Our school pics came in. and i am really happy with how they turned out.

the kids are back at school after 3wks of holidays. even though the holidays went well, we are all happy
I have taken the oppertunity of them being gone to join Curves.. first session is over with and Im looking forward to heading there every morning..
This week, we have had the little 3 sick. Benjamin with croup, Kaitlyn and Rachel have had a vomitting bug, and annoying coughs. it has worn them out.
Tonight Mel isn't feeling the best. But tomorrow we are heading up to the Vineyards for Tanya's 40th birthday party, then mel gets to go to disney on ice with a friend. She is really excited.

back to watching the dvd now..

Sunday, July 16, 2006

7mo Already...

Our Benjamin is 7 months old already. I am enjoying him so much. His face lights up when he see's me and it really cheers me up.
He is rolling around.. not too frequent but can when he really wants to. And he can sit for a little while unsupported. He is teething now, but nothing has popped up yet. He inhales his solids, although i am only managing to feed him them once perday.. he's happy with that. and I can do it while Kaitlyn & Rachel are having Lunch.

Im off to bed.. catch ya

Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 8 ~ Taronga Zoo

seeing as it is school holidays we thought we would take the kids to taronga zoo.. Sydney. Took us 1.5hrs to get there.. but it was worth it. Benjamin slept most of the time. But the others had heaps of fun. i think they might just be worn out lol
Mel & nat can't choose which animal was their favourite. Kaitlyn Loved the raffs and Rachel tosses up between the turtles & the chimps.. she still makes the noises on command LOL

we left at closing. (5pm) kids bought a couple of little things from the shop. grabbed maccas on the way home. and eventually got home about 730. ugh long day..
that wasn't the end of our day with issues next door. police coming etc.. I just pray that my kids don't turn out like that one next door.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Aint he cute... lol

Here is our smiley boy. He is always smiling especially at his mama. But its really hard to get a shot of him smiling bc he is camera shy :(

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Crazy Hair Day

The girls had crazy hair day at school... here they are. Mel is the green & gold. Nat is the other.. not sure what to call her.. multi colored? or I was told a lorikeet lol
they had fun.. and omg it took a lot to get out tonight All that frizz!!!!

Birthday Girl..

Here She is... Our Big NINE year old.. time goes so fast.
Here she is this morning trying on her new roller blades. She was slightly spoilt.. but not over the top. And best of all she is collecting her birthday money. For Im not sure what ;)

more pics to come on our site.. www

Friday, June 16, 2006

snuggling..aren't they CUTE

Here is Tala & Benjamin once again. He even has his arm around her... tooo cute lol

Jolly jumper Fun..

Benjamin is now a jolly jumper fan. He loves being upright and watching everything happening around him. It didn't take him long to figure out how it all works and sits there bouncing most of the time. Giggling as well.

Kaitlyn & Rachel decided that they wanted a go too. Kaitlyn is a little monkey.. to big but has a blast anyway LOL

6mo Already

Our Benjamin was 6mo on the 13th.. isn't he CUTE :D

He is such a happy boy. giggly and a mama's boy :) couldn't want anything more.

New Doo

Nat got her hair cut. It just looks adorable on her. And it is so much easier to do.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

First Date...

aren't they a cute pair?? Here is Tala & Benjamin on their first date... One for the engagement pics perhaps?? LOL

Benjamin is 3.5months older than Tala.. nice age gap... :)

Kuty K

Miss Cutey Kaitlyn... wondering what mischief to get into next...

My Baby is growing toooo fast

Smooches from Nat.. Benjamin LOVES all his sisters (doesn't have a choice) but he is truely a mama's boy...

Gappy Nat

Nat has lost yet anther tooth. Making it #7 to come out...

Let me just say... SHE"S RICH

New Family Member...

just because we needed somebody else to love.. we got a kitten. Her name is misty.. not sure exactly what sort she is but she is a lovely nature.

If she can put up with rachel constantly on her, picking her up and annoying her she has to be wonderful. She caught her first mouse.. (main aim of having her. Our area has bad mice atm)

She is 12 wks old. and she was free.. Can't complain LOL

Kids LOVE her ;)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mother's Day...

I can honestly say this mothers day wasn't the best one had.. lol.. woke up and after a little while the kids started bickering ... sorting out kids clothes, then rachel puked on some.. she had the vomiting bug that kaitlyn had had on thursday afternoon.
She ended up having a good sleep, but by then, you guessed it.. I had the bug.. but it was both ends.
Oh well... kids got me some lovely pressies as did glenn.

Benjamin is 5months old already

I can't believe Benjamin is 5mo already.. he is such a happy baby.. and a big boy..
he loves chatting.. and as long as mama is in sight he is happy...

isn't he cute ? lol

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Our Baby's growing..

Yesterday Benjamin enjoyed his first lot of solids.. good ol' apple lol
he enjoyed every bite.. He is going through a growth spurt atm. I didn't think he should grow more but well... he is lol
everyone else is doing well.. thankfully the big girls are back at school..
Glenn is still out of work.. and I am getting more scrap booking done Yipee... I am making more things too crafty.. which I am surprised i can do LOL

off to tidy house now.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Argh... we've been busy

well where do we start?? we went away and that was lovely... kids had heaps of fun.. visited parks, let them just play, went to other nice parks and fed ducks, did the 3 sisters at the blue mountains.. We did the scenic railway and well the kids liked it, even some tourists took picture of Kaitlyn and Rachel lol was funny.

Now we are home things are getting back into the normal routines. we are STILL catching up on washing... Thankfully the kids sleeping has gone back to normal.

The kids are back to school tomorrow YIPEE!
kinda back to normal..

I have to get moving on the house work.. lots to do
some pics of our trip are on

take care

Sunday, April 16, 2006

April 16,

Look at my scruffy muffies... Easter Sunday morning waiting for their easter hunt to begin... The easter bunny was very generous.. Kaitlyn didnt want to walk on her foot (even tho she can use her toes) UNTIL she saw the eggs and then we couldn't stop her. lol
we planned a set of clues, attached to an egg that lead the girls around the yard until they got the "big one" at the end. they loved it.
atm they have all gone to the park (across the bridge) to have a picnic lunch & play around with the camera... that will be interesting. Glenn has taken K&R too. so im here with My boy enjoying peace & quiet lol

write more later

Saturday, April 15, 2006

April 15...

Here is our brave Miss K. This is while she was waiting for the doctor to fix her foot. Today she wouldn't walk on it, she just HAD to be carried everywhere. Which became heavy after awhile. I guess it will strenghten my arm mussles LOL
By tonight Miss K had her dressing changed. and it looks good. and she is walking around a little. she uses her tipee toes which is so cute as she is also doing it on her GOOD foot too lol
Miss M & Miss N were having heaps of fun today. playing with their friends up & down the street it gave us time to prepare the easter egg hunt for tomorrow. K & R are doing a basic one and we have clues all worked out for the big girls. they will have heaps of fun.

Kaitlyn also found a small (thank goodness) stick of lipstick.. and well... covered her face :) Looked hilarious.. and we got pics.. (will post tomorrow) rachel joined her a bit later lol and it won't come off..

Anyway, i have washing to fold.. write more tomorrow

Friday, April 14, 2006

April 14 *happy easter*

well today did not turn out the way it was supposed to...

lunch time i was going out side and k (1stdd2) followed... all of a sudden she screamed blue murder.. i panicked and came back. blood was pouring out of her foot. a piece of glass was in her foot. a pretty decent size too.
she wouldn't let me do anything but hold her, so my neighbor came over to help. i got a dressing on and called Nat (ambo friend, Thanks NAT) who came over but she wouldnt even pull it out. so off to the hospital we went..
2hrs later we were seen and glass out. it is glued shut, and bandaged for protection. the glass was in over a centimeter deep.. she was scared of the x-ray machine.. but over all very brave.

the thing that upset her the most was not being able to eat or drink.. which upset me too Cause i couldn't eat infront of her :(

Argh Im exhausted.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 13th

Today my baby is 4mo.. And I can't believe it.. time has just flown, and we are enjoying every moment with him.
He has just the cutest giggle.. and adores me.. I don't remember any of the others being like this.
Today is the kids last day of school for around the 2 weeks. Of course this weekend its easter.. so we are staying home. But next weekend we are off in the camper, we will be away for the weekend.. So the kids are getting excited.

ATM the kaitlyn & Rachel are outside helping Glenn in the garden. I don't really want to see the state they are in. lol dirt from head to toe i think.. LOL

More Later... Now to get busy here :)


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nearly Easter....

Only 2 more days left of school and then there is a chance of SLEEP INS :)
Natalie is wandering around wearing her teethy gap quite proudly, since last night I was wiggling her tooth and she pulled back.. voila.. out it came LOL Shocked both of us.
Today melanie had an excursion and loved it. They went to a national park and went for a LONG walk.. then back home on the bus.
Kaitlyn & Rachel had their Easter day at playgroup. we had an easter egg hunt and then they made baskets that they put their eggs in. NOT that they lasted that

Glenn is now out of work. as the company he was building for can no longer afford to pay their workers. So there are so many out of work.
We are still waiting for the right timing b4 he moves in at home.. the time will come.
Benjamin is adorable.. he is definately a mummy's boy. He is always looking around for me.. then he is happy. He is 4 months old on Thursday.. can you believe it? I can't... He does weight around 8kgs.. he's my BIG BOY lol
Me? well not alot happening. I got my hair cut short.. not too short tho. Still not losing weight, and that is getting me down. I am going to become a creative memories consultant, so I can afford the kids schooling...
Well Im off, Like a bad smell so they say

Monday, March 27, 2006

March 2006

This month has been very busy for us. With birthday's and kids it just doesn't end.

Melanie is doing art classes at an art shop near by and is doing wonderful.. She is going really well at school, and having heaps of fun with friends.
Natalie is the march BIRTHDAY GIRL.. Our Nat turned 7.. was quite spoilt with presents, and had 3 cakes in total.. I can tell you I was sick of baking.. One for her class at school, one that night for dinner where Nanny & poppy came.. then one for her kids party at the pool.. Bratz all round :) She is going really well at school, advanced in her reading..
Kaitlyn & Rachel are growing very fast. They are 25mo.. and are mimicking just about everything we say. Kaitlyn a little more. Kaitlyn has used the potty twice.. one she even asked to go.. YAY that will save heaps when the are done. They are both in BIG beds now.. we are on the winning side of getting them to stay there.. thankfully. that was hard with 2.
Benjamin is now 3.5mo.. He smiles.. especially when he see's his mama, and sleeps thru the night (from 8wks sleeps from 8pm - 630ish) he giggles, laughs at Kaitlyn & Rachel.. thankfully he is very contented & Happy.
Now Glenn & I are doing ok. Still going to counselling, and working things out. But there is a big difference in being a single mum to 4.. & then FIVE.. Thankfully Glenn comes here in the evening and helps out alot. Then leaves :(

We are going camping this weekend with the church.. its for the kids. No power that will be an experience. lol

Off to cook dinner..