Sunday, April 30, 2006

Argh... we've been busy

well where do we start?? we went away and that was lovely... kids had heaps of fun.. visited parks, let them just play, went to other nice parks and fed ducks, did the 3 sisters at the blue mountains.. We did the scenic railway and well the kids liked it, even some tourists took picture of Kaitlyn and Rachel lol was funny.

Now we are home things are getting back into the normal routines. we are STILL catching up on washing... Thankfully the kids sleeping has gone back to normal.

The kids are back to school tomorrow YIPEE!
kinda back to normal..

I have to get moving on the house work.. lots to do
some pics of our trip are on

take care

Sunday, April 16, 2006

April 16,

Look at my scruffy muffies... Easter Sunday morning waiting for their easter hunt to begin... The easter bunny was very generous.. Kaitlyn didnt want to walk on her foot (even tho she can use her toes) UNTIL she saw the eggs and then we couldn't stop her. lol
we planned a set of clues, attached to an egg that lead the girls around the yard until they got the "big one" at the end. they loved it.
atm they have all gone to the park (across the bridge) to have a picnic lunch & play around with the camera... that will be interesting. Glenn has taken K&R too. so im here with My boy enjoying peace & quiet lol

write more later

Saturday, April 15, 2006

April 15...

Here is our brave Miss K. This is while she was waiting for the doctor to fix her foot. Today she wouldn't walk on it, she just HAD to be carried everywhere. Which became heavy after awhile. I guess it will strenghten my arm mussles LOL
By tonight Miss K had her dressing changed. and it looks good. and she is walking around a little. she uses her tipee toes which is so cute as she is also doing it on her GOOD foot too lol
Miss M & Miss N were having heaps of fun today. playing with their friends up & down the street it gave us time to prepare the easter egg hunt for tomorrow. K & R are doing a basic one and we have clues all worked out for the big girls. they will have heaps of fun.

Kaitlyn also found a small (thank goodness) stick of lipstick.. and well... covered her face :) Looked hilarious.. and we got pics.. (will post tomorrow) rachel joined her a bit later lol and it won't come off..

Anyway, i have washing to fold.. write more tomorrow

Friday, April 14, 2006

April 14 *happy easter*

well today did not turn out the way it was supposed to...

lunch time i was going out side and k (1stdd2) followed... all of a sudden she screamed blue murder.. i panicked and came back. blood was pouring out of her foot. a piece of glass was in her foot. a pretty decent size too.
she wouldn't let me do anything but hold her, so my neighbor came over to help. i got a dressing on and called Nat (ambo friend, Thanks NAT) who came over but she wouldnt even pull it out. so off to the hospital we went..
2hrs later we were seen and glass out. it is glued shut, and bandaged for protection. the glass was in over a centimeter deep.. she was scared of the x-ray machine.. but over all very brave.

the thing that upset her the most was not being able to eat or drink.. which upset me too Cause i couldn't eat infront of her :(

Argh Im exhausted.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 13th

Today my baby is 4mo.. And I can't believe it.. time has just flown, and we are enjoying every moment with him.
He has just the cutest giggle.. and adores me.. I don't remember any of the others being like this.
Today is the kids last day of school for around the 2 weeks. Of course this weekend its easter.. so we are staying home. But next weekend we are off in the camper, we will be away for the weekend.. So the kids are getting excited.

ATM the kaitlyn & Rachel are outside helping Glenn in the garden. I don't really want to see the state they are in. lol dirt from head to toe i think.. LOL

More Later... Now to get busy here :)


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nearly Easter....

Only 2 more days left of school and then there is a chance of SLEEP INS :)
Natalie is wandering around wearing her teethy gap quite proudly, since last night I was wiggling her tooth and she pulled back.. voila.. out it came LOL Shocked both of us.
Today melanie had an excursion and loved it. They went to a national park and went for a LONG walk.. then back home on the bus.
Kaitlyn & Rachel had their Easter day at playgroup. we had an easter egg hunt and then they made baskets that they put their eggs in. NOT that they lasted that

Glenn is now out of work. as the company he was building for can no longer afford to pay their workers. So there are so many out of work.
We are still waiting for the right timing b4 he moves in at home.. the time will come.
Benjamin is adorable.. he is definately a mummy's boy. He is always looking around for me.. then he is happy. He is 4 months old on Thursday.. can you believe it? I can't... He does weight around 8kgs.. he's my BIG BOY lol
Me? well not alot happening. I got my hair cut short.. not too short tho. Still not losing weight, and that is getting me down. I am going to become a creative memories consultant, so I can afford the kids schooling...
Well Im off, Like a bad smell so they say