Monday, March 27, 2006

March 2006

This month has been very busy for us. With birthday's and kids it just doesn't end.

Melanie is doing art classes at an art shop near by and is doing wonderful.. She is going really well at school, and having heaps of fun with friends.
Natalie is the march BIRTHDAY GIRL.. Our Nat turned 7.. was quite spoilt with presents, and had 3 cakes in total.. I can tell you I was sick of baking.. One for her class at school, one that night for dinner where Nanny & poppy came.. then one for her kids party at the pool.. Bratz all round :) She is going really well at school, advanced in her reading..
Kaitlyn & Rachel are growing very fast. They are 25mo.. and are mimicking just about everything we say. Kaitlyn a little more. Kaitlyn has used the potty twice.. one she even asked to go.. YAY that will save heaps when the are done. They are both in BIG beds now.. we are on the winning side of getting them to stay there.. thankfully. that was hard with 2.
Benjamin is now 3.5mo.. He smiles.. especially when he see's his mama, and sleeps thru the night (from 8wks sleeps from 8pm - 630ish) he giggles, laughs at Kaitlyn & Rachel.. thankfully he is very contented & Happy.
Now Glenn & I are doing ok. Still going to counselling, and working things out. But there is a big difference in being a single mum to 4.. & then FIVE.. Thankfully Glenn comes here in the evening and helps out alot. Then leaves :(

We are going camping this weekend with the church.. its for the kids. No power that will be an experience. lol

Off to cook dinner..

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The Salisbury Family said...

Wow! Great posts Chandelle, its great to hear how my little angels there are growing up...