Thursday, September 28, 2006


tomorrow is last day of school for 2 wks.. yay sleep ins..
Its also Nat's athletics carnival.. so i will go get some pictures too.. well hopefully i can find her.. they all look the same under their hats in their uniforms LOL

Benjamin has been a little grumpy and i think he's not 100% but he too will be fine soon enough. He has started clapping his hands :D:D:D

today was beautiful weather wise, and this afternoon the girls went outside to play.. here is B & K together on the little quad bike..

Ok there are some of my cuties...

I be off to bed now as im exhausted ...

take care all

Papa Panov Concert

Last night Mel had her school concert.. they did the story of Papa Panov..
she is in the middle in the black shirt.. and did a wonderful job.. we are very proud of her :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nice Family Weekend :o)

it was a beautiful weekend, spent as a family. Saturday we had lunch with my parents. And then went to the park for a little while. kids had a ball.. And it wore them out YAY
today we spent the day at home. The kids tidied their room and i did the same to ours. Glenn mowed the lawns, and we did some cooking with the girls.
Rachel is using the potty really well.. Kaitlyn did a backslide after being in hospital.. thankfully it has been nearly a week since we left, and no signs of going back yet.

anyway, I added some more pics to our site some real cute ones of kaitlyn & Rachel..

take care

9 Months old already

Can you believe it? My baby is 9mo!!!!

He is still as cute as ever..

Monday, September 11, 2006

alot has been happening..

Well what a week!!

Thursday was our 9 yr anniversary.. Yep we have been married 9yrs WOW.. We didn't do too much. just spent the day together, and g went to work as usual..
Friday, Mel woke up and felt blah, so i let her stay home. At lunch, we went as usual to eat with G. K started feeling a little warm, and g was asked to work on sunday night. that was fine. We came home. Kaitlyn & Rachel had a sleep and I made a brownie for dinner at our friends house. Unfortunately Miss K got worse. her temps were hitting 40+. So we came home and packed a bag for me to take Miss K back into the hospital..
There we sat for quite awhile. she had nurofen & Panadol while waiting, but still didn't bring her temp down. eventually we went in.. Only after we watched someone come in who had overdosed on drugs. so she was spasming everywhere.. And my brother (AJ) came in to keep me company while we waited..
she was monitored again. her temp got to nearly 41. A bit of riggors. we tried to get a wee sample. and she got a canula put in again. But this time it wasn't as good and she cried.. As did I.. that was simply heart wrenching. As much as you want to rescue them, you can't or they won't get better.
Anyway, we got up to the ward at 6am.. so we got her settled a bit more. she had iv fluids & antibiotics. about 730am i had a nap.. it was a dragged out time. with lots of missed sleep. But we came home now. more tests and they came out clear. so we are thankful.

more pics to come later..


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stressful few days..

Anyway.. To kinda fill you all in... Miss K started having feversLast Friday. She would seem to get better, but then it would hitAgain. I kept her fluids up and she didn't have any visible signs ofAn infection. So I procrastinated on the Dr. Yesterday I got in to a GP and she looked over K really well.. And said.. I think this isQuite serious. You need to go into the hospital she is ceptic (bloodInfection) which is closely linked with meningitis. So I trotted offHome. Rang g as I was leaving to organise his mum to babysit. AndRang my parents to let them know what was happening too.We got to the hospital. Waited for ages. So many kids with gastro..We waited and waited, all the while, while trying to get miss k toHave fluids. They needed a urine sample. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!Then ended up catherterizing her for a uring sample, B4 theyInserted the canula for IV fluids & antibioticsLong story short. I got to the ward with her at 4am.. She hadAnother lot of AB and I got an hour of sleep b4 sunlight & peopleWaking.. Yawn... LolHer temps are lessoning . She has a severe bladder infection.Which hopefully hasn't damaged her kidneys, but they will be testedIn a couple of months.

We are home now and she is getting back to her normal self.

Sad News..

Poor Little Rani, lost the fight and passed away on Friday afternoon. Please keep the Miller Family in your thoughts and prayers. as it will be tough on them.. Sleep well Princess Rani oxoxoxo