Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Busy couple of days

School holidays have hit and we have been busy busy busy..
yesterday we spent awhile with good friends at mingara swim center.. wore us out just slightly. Rach had a ball showing off her new swim skills, benjamin kicked back and loved it.. Kaitlyn well... she wasn't impressed.. wore her self out crying.. then settled down a bit. Mel & Nat had an awesome time :)
today we went up to Oakvale farm with a mum's group.. after a morning shower.. it turned out nice. Not too hot, and they had heaps of fun.. as you can tell by the pics. We patted heaps of animals, fed the lambs, goats, cows, kangaroo's heaps more.. Kaitlyn & Amy milked the cow, Daisy, Benjamin LOVED the goats and sheep eating off the front of his pram lol and wouldn't let go of the goats head..
they patted Koala's too..
Now everyone is tired and half of them are asleep LOL


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Robyn said...

Just love how you have done this...brilliant use of photos.