Monday, April 30, 2007


Our Melanie was voted by ALL her class mates to be the Student Representative for her class.. this is a big honor, as she has a special task ahead of her... She has meetings every Monday lunch time, and takes ideas from her class, to the meetings.
she gets to wear the Special badge on her uniform and all..
She was so excited this morning that she got her uniform all ready, all the way to hair ties and the style of hair she wanted, as she wanted to look her best infront of the school..

Saturday, April 21, 2007

new pics

got some pics of the girls today.. Benjamin has been a grump.. so he was here whinging away. i love the pics tho :)


Oops... I stacked it on the way home.. sprained my ankle.. the dr was concerned about ligament or tendon damage. so we wait for it to heal.. and I get to sit on my butt for a bit longer.. but there goes he gym for a week or so.. :(

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Benjamin Is 16mo..

Can you believe Benjamin is 16mo already? I can't.
He is such a little boy now. and cheeky as..
he runs after all the girls.. and can say Nat.. and plenty of other words.. his favourite is "look" but sometimes it souds like dog..
He is mastering the art of kicking a ball.. and loves it. He also loves to thow the ball and make a noise/grunt at one of us to get it for him, when he is quite capable LOL
My baby is growing up!!!

Come Check it out!!!!

Hey Guys, come check out my fav scrapping sites blog.. Memories and More.. They have heaps of fun comps each month.. and lots of inspiration..
If you are a mad scrapper, you will love it, and even if you are a beginner... you will love it :)

busy times...

Howdy howdy howdy!

wow we have been busy this last little while.. thursday we picked up the loan car while ours gets fixed.. its toooo nice to give back. Friday we went to sydney, I had my 6wk check up and am cleared for normal duties, but still take it easy, as the internal stitches still pull sometimes and that can be for as long as 6mo.. then after my appointment, we headed down to Kearns and spent the afternoon at my family's place.. the kids had heaps of fun, and it was nice to sit back a bit, and be in a tidy house that isn't destroyed as soon as i do something else LOL

We came home saturday afternoon, and got kids fed, then our good friends Rosemarie & Andrew from QLD came for a visit.. let the boys get to know me a bit before I babysat them on sunday.. So great seeing them again.. wish they were closer.. anyway.....

Sunday we did.. ummm cleaning in the morning.. then at 130 the boys came around.. Rosemarie & Andrew rushed off to the wedding.. and Kyal(2) slept, while Damon(4) played hard with the girls..

Not long later I came in to check on the others, Glenn had taken Benjamin for a walk, and Kaitlyn went too.. And the quiet outside worried me.. so mel checked on them. THEY WERE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Mel & Nat checked out the back, in the cubby and all around until i noticed them on the other side of our back fence and running down the other people's driveway, which leads to a main road!

I jumped in the car, told glenn where i was going (he was nearly home from the walk) and drove down the people's driveway until i got to them... they had climbed THROUGH a barbed wire fence to see a.... wait for it...... HORSE!!!! Oh one detail i forgot.. they were stark NAKED!!!!

A couple of very small scratches, and lots of dirt later.. they climbed into the bath.. phew

the boys went home at aroun 9pm.. :( and left for QLD the next morning.

now we are on our 2wk of holidays.. we are looking at finding a new rental. something bigger.. but it hasn't looked too good for us yet.

I'm looking at going back to work soon.. which scares me... we need the money.

and that is about it...

take care