Saturday, April 15, 2006

April 15...

Here is our brave Miss K. This is while she was waiting for the doctor to fix her foot. Today she wouldn't walk on it, she just HAD to be carried everywhere. Which became heavy after awhile. I guess it will strenghten my arm mussles LOL
By tonight Miss K had her dressing changed. and it looks good. and she is walking around a little. she uses her tipee toes which is so cute as she is also doing it on her GOOD foot too lol
Miss M & Miss N were having heaps of fun today. playing with their friends up & down the street it gave us time to prepare the easter egg hunt for tomorrow. K & R are doing a basic one and we have clues all worked out for the big girls. they will have heaps of fun.

Kaitlyn also found a small (thank goodness) stick of lipstick.. and well... covered her face :) Looked hilarious.. and we got pics.. (will post tomorrow) rachel joined her a bit later lol and it won't come off..

Anyway, i have washing to fold.. write more tomorrow

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The Salisbury Family said...

hello baby girl, keep that foot clean for your mummy, and I hope the easter bunny gives you loads of eggs,

love your "aunty" joyce xxx