Monday, August 14, 2006

UP the bush...

Saturday, we headed up the Watagans for a church service with our church.. then a picnic lunch. Kids had a heap of fun. Nat was off as quick as she could exploring with the other kids. Mel wasn't too far behind her. Kaitlyn & Rachel tried to keep up with some of the bigger girls. Collecting pine needles for the fire.
Benjamin was content getting cuddles from his Birthday Cousin Kristiarne & feedling & sleeping :)
We headed home, rach fell asleep in the car not long later. I got to head out on a night with the girls. We went to the movies.. 10 of us went to see You, Me & Dupree. its a goooood movie LOL
Sunday.. we got to go and spend some time With friends of ours. It was Marlene's birthday lunch. And the kids had heaps of fun. They Live near the lake. So we were at the park.. check out this pic of nat i got. pic

Oh Kaitlyn & Rachel have decided to START POTTY TRAINING YAY Kaitlyn is going a slight bit better. But they are both doing wonderfully

Take care!!

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The Salisbury Family said...

Sounds like a great weekend