Monday, September 11, 2006

alot has been happening..

Well what a week!!

Thursday was our 9 yr anniversary.. Yep we have been married 9yrs WOW.. We didn't do too much. just spent the day together, and g went to work as usual..
Friday, Mel woke up and felt blah, so i let her stay home. At lunch, we went as usual to eat with G. K started feeling a little warm, and g was asked to work on sunday night. that was fine. We came home. Kaitlyn & Rachel had a sleep and I made a brownie for dinner at our friends house. Unfortunately Miss K got worse. her temps were hitting 40+. So we came home and packed a bag for me to take Miss K back into the hospital..
There we sat for quite awhile. she had nurofen & Panadol while waiting, but still didn't bring her temp down. eventually we went in.. Only after we watched someone come in who had overdosed on drugs. so she was spasming everywhere.. And my brother (AJ) came in to keep me company while we waited..
she was monitored again. her temp got to nearly 41. A bit of riggors. we tried to get a wee sample. and she got a canula put in again. But this time it wasn't as good and she cried.. As did I.. that was simply heart wrenching. As much as you want to rescue them, you can't or they won't get better.
Anyway, we got up to the ward at 6am.. so we got her settled a bit more. she had iv fluids & antibiotics. about 730am i had a nap.. it was a dragged out time. with lots of missed sleep. But we came home now. more tests and they came out clear. so we are thankful.

more pics to come later..



Rachael said...

I am so pleased she is better now

Jenny said...


I'm a bit late here but I am so pleased that Little Miss K is getting better. What a scary time for you all.