Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Poor Car...

The photo doesn't really do it justice..

Thursday night, after procrastination, I decided to go to the shops to get the present for Glenn, it was his birthday after all (22nd march) get there, and the shop is closed. Found something else, and when leaving decided the kids were good and could have an icecream..

waiting in the drive thru of Macca's... a large 4wd, with a large bull bar, rammed up the back of us. They weren't watching I guess..

We are ok, I am sore, and its effected the recovery from surgery.. but thankfully the kids are fine, and the other people have insurance, so we have no out of pocket expenses..

maybe its a hint to stay away from the shops LOL

Take care



Monday, March 19, 2007

What a weekend!!!

Natalie tried out her new snorkelling gear, and loves it!!!!

we went to the reptile park, and had a heap of fun... Held the big python, and got a pic taken, as well as had personal introduction to 2 very cute Koala's.

Benjamin wasn't impressed with the snake, although he shouldn't have a fear of them yet, and the one who runs in the house yelling "snakes" grabbed the head/neck of the huge python!!! Weird kids LOL

We went with our good friends Marlene & Jonathon, and really enjoyed their company

**thanks guys**

Im off to recover from yesterday LOL

Catch ya


Saturday, March 17, 2007


Happy birthday to our Natalie... she is 8 Now... can't believe it!!!
She took 3doz cupckes to school on her birthday, and opened pressies before she went to school.. then came home, mucked around, and Nanny & Poppy came over fo a visit.. Nat loves her nanny and popppy and didn't want them to go home.
Last night as Glenn was home we had her birthday dinner...... HOT DOGS. and her #8 cake for dessert.
She had heaps of fun and thats all that matters.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Look...

here is Miss Mel, with her new sophisticated look.. We finally picked up her Glasses.. they are just for reading tho. At first she was worried about being called "four eyes" but now she is happy. She knows tshe looks good LOL

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 13 post op

well its day 13 post op.. wow time does go fast!
I am not recovering as well as i thought. and spend most of the time in pain. So im ringing the dr today to ask for more meds as i am nearly out of these ones.

The kids are going well.. Natalie is on an excursion today to Glenrock Lagoon.. Not sure whats there other than a hike for them LOL and she is of course on a count down to her birthday.. 1wk today!!!

I have booked Kaitlyn and Rachel into preschool again for tomorrow. g will be at work 10-4 and I am hoping to get to Rhodes for a meet of lovely ladies. So today will be another day of rest.. at least i hope it will be.

Im off to continue my Alias seasons LOL


Saturday, March 03, 2007

what a slack blogger i am

its like a month since our last post.. oops.
I guess so much has happened.
Girls started back at school and love it.
twins birthday.. they are now 3 WOWSER we had a bbq dinner with friends for them. I made 2 number 3 cakes. went well..
They continue to enjoy preschool, they take turns with who is the grumpiest to be left, but that lasts a whole 5mins after we leave.

biggest news is i guess, i was scheduled for a hysterectomy on march 5, and then it was moved forward. so on feb23 I had my guts ripped out, ok well just the uterus & cervix. definately no more babies for us now. :(
and a long recovery ahead :(

Natalie's birthday is next. I hope i will be up to it

Im off for a sleep.. i go home tomorrow from hospital. And I guarantee this isthe best hospital to be in :)

take care