Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nice Family Weekend :o)

it was a beautiful weekend, spent as a family. Saturday we had lunch with my parents. And then went to the park for a little while. kids had a ball.. And it wore them out YAY
today we spent the day at home. The kids tidied their room and i did the same to ours. Glenn mowed the lawns, and we did some cooking with the girls.
Rachel is using the potty really well.. Kaitlyn did a backslide after being in hospital.. thankfully it has been nearly a week since we left, and no signs of going back yet.

anyway, I added some more pics to our site some real cute ones of kaitlyn & Rachel..

take care

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Fantastic Photos, Chandelle.

Your boy is growing SO quickly.....

Great news that K hasn't had a return trip to hospital.

Take care..........