Thursday, October 26, 2006


Our Benjamin is finally crawling.. but when he did it, there was no stopping. Yesterday afternoon, he crawled to ME! and that was it.. he's chasing me around the house LOL chases his sisters.. everything :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thank Goodness its not yesterday...

First to start... A cute pic of Benjamin... He just cut his 3rd tooth on the bottom.. so he now has 5.

He loves to put his head on his arm to rest while he's rolling around :) its tooo cute!!!

Now to the happenings of yesterday..

I was in the laundry and came back in to find Kaitlyn & Rachel repainting the house.. they hallway had purple swirls all down the hallway, including paint on the carpet. Sigh... thankfully it was kids craft paint and easily came off. although there is still a bit to get off the carpet.
So with cleaning up that, kids missed the bus, then had to go to playgroup, where Katya was grumpy to come, but soon settled in, including the standard fight over me.. My year as co ordinator is coming to an end YAY
Girls had their first session back to gymnastics, and loved it. I did groceries while they were there.

Anyway, best get back to housework while Benjamin is asleep

have a great day

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Today is my dad's 60th birthday.. Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

We had a surprise birthday party last night for him, which he was an hour late for LOL
Was a nice late night..

Kids had heaps of fun.. I made dad a canvas of pics & gave him his fav Choc Ginger..

Have to get girls now.



Saturday, October 14, 2006

10months old already!!!!

wow time does fly.. Our baby is just growing tooo fast, and is 10mo already.. he is moving all around the place. rolling, and turning.. he so wants to crawl, but hasn't quite got it..
no more teeth this month.. but he's had a little cold the last couple of days.

Its hot here, and he LOVES the pool.

I have to get dinner so i will post more pics later


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Quiet Weekend..

Such a quiet weekend here. We are missing the 2 big girls. Melanie is at my parents house. and Natalie is at a friends house. Im sure neither of them want to come home. But Melanie has to as she has a party to go to tomorrow.
I found 2 houses on the internet that are up for rent, one is a 5bedroom house, and the other a 7bedroom.. we are going to try for both of them.. I hope we get the 7.. it would be great! even a spare room for an office/scrapping space :)
Speaking of scrapping. I have done 4LO tonight. so i achieved what i wanted to get done.. here they are:

ah its getting late..
hope everyones well
Take care

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Busy couple of days

School holidays have hit and we have been busy busy busy..
yesterday we spent awhile with good friends at mingara swim center.. wore us out just slightly. Rach had a ball showing off her new swim skills, benjamin kicked back and loved it.. Kaitlyn well... she wasn't impressed.. wore her self out crying.. then settled down a bit. Mel & Nat had an awesome time :)
today we went up to Oakvale farm with a mum's group.. after a morning shower.. it turned out nice. Not too hot, and they had heaps of fun.. as you can tell by the pics. We patted heaps of animals, fed the lambs, goats, cows, kangaroo's heaps more.. Kaitlyn & Amy milked the cow, Daisy, Benjamin LOVED the goats and sheep eating off the front of his pram lol and wouldn't let go of the goats head..
they patted Koala's too..
Now everyone is tired and half of them are asleep LOL