Saturday, July 22, 2006

School Pics are in...

Our school pics came in. and i am really happy with how they turned out.

the kids are back at school after 3wks of holidays. even though the holidays went well, we are all happy
I have taken the oppertunity of them being gone to join Curves.. first session is over with and Im looking forward to heading there every morning..
This week, we have had the little 3 sick. Benjamin with croup, Kaitlyn and Rachel have had a vomitting bug, and annoying coughs. it has worn them out.
Tonight Mel isn't feeling the best. But tomorrow we are heading up to the Vineyards for Tanya's 40th birthday party, then mel gets to go to disney on ice with a friend. She is really excited.

back to watching the dvd now..

Sunday, July 16, 2006

7mo Already...

Our Benjamin is 7 months old already. I am enjoying him so much. His face lights up when he see's me and it really cheers me up.
He is rolling around.. not too frequent but can when he really wants to. And he can sit for a little while unsupported. He is teething now, but nothing has popped up yet. He inhales his solids, although i am only managing to feed him them once perday.. he's happy with that. and I can do it while Kaitlyn & Rachel are having Lunch.

Im off to bed.. catch ya

Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 8 ~ Taronga Zoo

seeing as it is school holidays we thought we would take the kids to taronga zoo.. Sydney. Took us 1.5hrs to get there.. but it was worth it. Benjamin slept most of the time. But the others had heaps of fun. i think they might just be worn out lol
Mel & nat can't choose which animal was their favourite. Kaitlyn Loved the raffs and Rachel tosses up between the turtles & the chimps.. she still makes the noises on command LOL

we left at closing. (5pm) kids bought a couple of little things from the shop. grabbed maccas on the way home. and eventually got home about 730. ugh long day..
that wasn't the end of our day with issues next door. police coming etc.. I just pray that my kids don't turn out like that one next door.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Aint he cute... lol

Here is our smiley boy. He is always smiling especially at his mama. But its really hard to get a shot of him smiling bc he is camera shy :(