Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nearly Easter....

Only 2 more days left of school and then there is a chance of SLEEP INS :)
Natalie is wandering around wearing her teethy gap quite proudly, since last night I was wiggling her tooth and she pulled back.. voila.. out it came LOL Shocked both of us.
Today melanie had an excursion and loved it. They went to a national park and went for a LONG walk.. then back home on the bus.
Kaitlyn & Rachel had their Easter day at playgroup. we had an easter egg hunt and then they made baskets that they put their eggs in. NOT that they lasted that long...lol

Glenn is now out of work. as the company he was building for can no longer afford to pay their workers. So there are so many out of work.
We are still waiting for the right timing b4 he moves in at home.. the time will come.
Benjamin is adorable.. he is definately a mummy's boy. He is always looking around for me.. then he is happy. He is 4 months old on Thursday.. can you believe it? I can't... He does weight around 8kgs.. he's my BIG BOY lol
Me? well not alot happening. I got my hair cut short.. not too short tho. Still not losing weight, and that is getting me down. I am going to become a creative memories consultant, so I can afford the kids schooling...
Well Im off, Like a bad smell so they say


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