Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kirah is a mummy....

Ok, so kirah isn't our cat.. but i have known her since she was a tiny kitten..
she had her kittens the other day, and I got to see one (#4) be born.. she had 6 kittens.. one ended up dying.. :( but they rest are SO cute
here they are:

Benjamins 2nd hair cut.. so cute

Just before i was meeting a few friends for coffee, i thought I would stop and get Benjamin's hair cut... they fit him straight in, and he sat perfectly.. at the end, she asked if I wanted a mohawk.. so i did.. (out of my comfort zone there) and he looked adorable :)

Our Big News...

After many hours of thinking, discussions & research.....

We have decided to pack up home and move 1900kms north to Townsville.
there is heaps of work up there for Glenn.. and its about time we have a change.
So at the end of December we are off.. around here long enough for xmas with the family.

Alot of work ahead of us../me... but i think its the change we need in our lives right now. a new start.. and I haven't seen Glenn this happy in awhile. it has to be right :)

wish us luck with the new adventure


Saturday, September 08, 2007

My Attempt at art

its a rainy day yet again. And well.. what else is there to do but muck around. so i grabbed the canvas's i had.. and started to paint.

I am not the arty type so for me this is a wild side lol

and i know when i tell some people i did this... i get "i want pics" so here it is :)

the first one is my fav.. :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes... LOL

Kaitlyn's latest....
When i asked her to stay inside because it was raining.. all she had to say was.....
"but mum its just a pile of drips"
it took the 2nd time for her to say it before i could laugh LOL