Monday, November 13, 2006

11mo TODAY!!

Ahhhhhhh Today Benjamin is 11mo.. Only one month and counting til he is ONE YEAR!

He is standing up and cruising the furniture.

As for the others... Melanie is doing really well in school.. Not long til they finish for the year..
Nat is also doing really well.. won a math game against the whole class last week.. SO proud.
Kaitlyn & Rachel are Potty trained during the day, which saves us heaps of money.
Not too much else happening. really Looking forward to xmas. Can't wait to get into it this year :)

Im off to feed kids lunch and hit the housework :)


Sunday, November 05, 2006

November already

Awww Look at my baby. We found him sound asleep in bed like this.. lol... sitting up snoring

We have had a normal week. Full of ups and downs. Kaitlyn & Rachel have been a struggle for me. Into heaps of stuff.. every day something new.. and most days I end up in tears thinking what next.
Like now for instance.. mid typing.. they got brown paint on the walls.. where they got the paint from we don't know.

I had all intentions on typing a fair bit about us recently.. but have lost it now, As I am most likely in trouble for not doing something.. this or that its always my fault..

c u later