Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thank Goodness its not yesterday...

First to start... A cute pic of Benjamin... He just cut his 3rd tooth on the bottom.. so he now has 5.

He loves to put his head on his arm to rest while he's rolling around :) its tooo cute!!!

Now to the happenings of yesterday..

I was in the laundry and came back in to find Kaitlyn & Rachel repainting the house.. they hallway had purple swirls all down the hallway, including paint on the carpet. Sigh... thankfully it was kids craft paint and easily came off. although there is still a bit to get off the carpet.
So with cleaning up that, kids missed the bus, then had to go to playgroup, where Katya was grumpy to come, but soon settled in, including the standard fight over me.. My year as co ordinator is coming to an end YAY
Girls had their first session back to gymnastics, and loved it. I did groceries while they were there.

Anyway, best get back to housework while Benjamin is asleep

have a great day

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