Saturday, October 07, 2006

Quiet Weekend..

Such a quiet weekend here. We are missing the 2 big girls. Melanie is at my parents house. and Natalie is at a friends house. Im sure neither of them want to come home. But Melanie has to as she has a party to go to tomorrow.
I found 2 houses on the internet that are up for rent, one is a 5bedroom house, and the other a 7bedroom.. we are going to try for both of them.. I hope we get the 7.. it would be great! even a spare room for an office/scrapping space :)
Speaking of scrapping. I have done 4LO tonight. so i achieved what i wanted to get done.. here they are:

ah its getting late..
hope everyones well
Take care


ChewieMonster said...


Your children are just gorgeous, Chandelle!

ChewieMonster said...

Oops, forgot to mention that this is Dawni, and that I've added you to my Blog's link list if that's okay?