Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stressful few days..

Anyway.. To kinda fill you all in... Miss K started having feversLast Friday. She would seem to get better, but then it would hitAgain. I kept her fluids up and she didn't have any visible signs ofAn infection. So I procrastinated on the Dr. Yesterday I got in to a GP and she looked over K really well.. And said.. I think this isQuite serious. You need to go into the hospital she is ceptic (bloodInfection) which is closely linked with meningitis. So I trotted offHome. Rang g as I was leaving to organise his mum to babysit. AndRang my parents to let them know what was happening too.We got to the hospital. Waited for ages. So many kids with gastro..We waited and waited, all the while, while trying to get miss k toHave fluids. They needed a urine sample. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!Then ended up catherterizing her for a uring sample, B4 theyInserted the canula for IV fluids & antibioticsLong story short. I got to the ward with her at 4am.. She hadAnother lot of AB and I got an hour of sleep b4 sunlight & peopleWaking.. Yawn... LolHer temps are lessoning . She has a severe bladder infection.Which hopefully hasn't damaged her kidneys, but they will be testedIn a couple of months.

We are home now and she is getting back to her normal self.

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Rachael said...

I hope the missy moo is feeling much better now. Don't beat yourself up about it.... I would have been the same. HUGS