Thursday, June 22, 2006

Crazy Hair Day

The girls had crazy hair day at school... here they are. Mel is the green & gold. Nat is the other.. not sure what to call her.. multi colored? or I was told a lorikeet lol
they had fun.. and omg it took a lot to get out tonight All that frizz!!!!

Birthday Girl..

Here She is... Our Big NINE year old.. time goes so fast.
Here she is this morning trying on her new roller blades. She was slightly spoilt.. but not over the top. And best of all she is collecting her birthday money. For Im not sure what ;)

more pics to come on our site.. www

Friday, June 16, 2006

snuggling..aren't they CUTE

Here is Tala & Benjamin once again. He even has his arm around her... tooo cute lol

Jolly jumper Fun..

Benjamin is now a jolly jumper fan. He loves being upright and watching everything happening around him. It didn't take him long to figure out how it all works and sits there bouncing most of the time. Giggling as well.

Kaitlyn & Rachel decided that they wanted a go too. Kaitlyn is a little monkey.. to big but has a blast anyway LOL

6mo Already

Our Benjamin was 6mo on the 13th.. isn't he CUTE :D

He is such a happy boy. giggly and a mama's boy :) couldn't want anything more.

New Doo

Nat got her hair cut. It just looks adorable on her. And it is so much easier to do.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

First Date...

aren't they a cute pair?? Here is Tala & Benjamin on their first date... One for the engagement pics perhaps?? LOL

Benjamin is 3.5months older than Tala.. nice age gap... :)

Kuty K

Miss Cutey Kaitlyn... wondering what mischief to get into next...

My Baby is growing toooo fast

Smooches from Nat.. Benjamin LOVES all his sisters (doesn't have a choice) but he is truely a mama's boy...

Gappy Nat

Nat has lost yet anther tooth. Making it #7 to come out...

Let me just say... SHE"S RICH

New Family Member...

just because we needed somebody else to love.. we got a kitten. Her name is misty.. not sure exactly what sort she is but she is a lovely nature.

If she can put up with rachel constantly on her, picking her up and annoying her she has to be wonderful. She caught her first mouse.. (main aim of having her. Our area has bad mice atm)

She is 12 wks old. and she was free.. Can't complain LOL

Kids LOVE her ;)