Monday, February 18, 2008

Eye Opening.. - Kittens

Blackie was the first to have his eyes open... most of the others have their's open now. but they are just SO gorgeous!


He's Gone!

yesterday we left at 4am to take Glenn to the airport. his flight was delayed half hour cause of engine problems.. but he is now in townsville. he will come back in a month to visit the kids.

he was going to drive.. but well the roads are all flooded.. so he had to fly.

Back to being a single mum.. now to get over that part, and get myself into a functioning routine :)


missing kittens

Saturday Night... Nat says to me, mum where's the other ginger kitten.. they are always hiding underneath one another.. so we started digging.. discovering that TWO weren't in the box.. I was devastated.. we searched the house, all over. nothing.... i was so upset.. i even searched her hidey holes outside (yes at 11pm in the rain)

The next day (yesterday) Misty went missing.. i thought maybe i could follow her and if she had hidden the others, i could get them... all the kids were looking for her, but i went back in to check the box and there she was feeding. but i could still hear a meow.

I moved the box, and the meows got louder. there were 2 very distressed kittens at the back of my shoes..

what i think happened.. is they went climbing.. just crawling as they do.. and climbed up but couldn't get back.

Anyway all ends well... mummy & babies were reunited and are all fine now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


our girls are now 4.. i can't believe how time flies.. it doesn't seem that long ago that they were born.. i know we all say that..

Sunday we went to taronga zoo for their birthday. it was a fantastic day. we all had fun :)

monday we had cupcakes at Katya's house.. went to target, came home and got dinner ready to take to nann

y & poppy's. where they both got a new bike with trainer wheels, helmet, and an outfit for winter :) very lucky girls.

we have kittens :D 06.02.08

WOOHOO the much awaited delivery of our kittens is finally here.. Misty had 8 kittens this morning wednesday 06.02.08, they are all healthy and beautiful!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008


we have had a lovely few days with Lisa coming to stay.

she flew into sydney on wednesday and left on saturday. we went shopping, stayed at home and met up with some lovely ladies in sydney.. And went to ikea...

here is a photo at the airport as we were saying good bye :(

First day of School :)

The kids all started school together.. Mel yr5, Nat yr4, Kaitlyn & Rachel & Benjamin all went to preschool.... ahhh perfect.. 830 i loaded everyone in the car, and oops battery is flat.. sigh. Everyone around had already just left. so called NRMA with up to 60mins to wait.. they came in 15.. Kids were only 5 mins late to school which wasn't bad. twins & Benjamin to preschool.

Came home for only a few mins before i had to leave for the airport.

kids had a good day. Benjamin didn't cry too much. and settled quickly.