Monday, August 28, 2006

Nice Weekend..

Ahh another weekend over. We headed down to sydney early on saturday morning.. visiting famiy. stayed there over night. although Miss Kaitlyn was quite sick. it went better than we thought.. well I thought. Everyone slept most of the night. Nat was counting down from 5 in her sleep LOL and rach disappeared over to mel sometime in the dark hours. lol Kaitlyn just told me off for having a little bit of the pillow & then wanted cuddles all night.
The girls had heaps of fun. Aunty Al had to go to work on sunday morning.. but otherwise.. it was all good. We got home at 2pm ready for g to go to work at 3. it seemed like a LONG night with him working til 12. and thn the kids grumpy.

Here is Benjamin feeding himself.. its so cute

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