Saturday, March 03, 2007

what a slack blogger i am

its like a month since our last post.. oops.
I guess so much has happened.
Girls started back at school and love it.
twins birthday.. they are now 3 WOWSER we had a bbq dinner with friends for them. I made 2 number 3 cakes. went well..
They continue to enjoy preschool, they take turns with who is the grumpiest to be left, but that lasts a whole 5mins after we leave.

biggest news is i guess, i was scheduled for a hysterectomy on march 5, and then it was moved forward. so on feb23 I had my guts ripped out, ok well just the uterus & cervix. definately no more babies for us now. :(
and a long recovery ahead :(

Natalie's birthday is next. I hope i will be up to it

Im off for a sleep.. i go home tomorrow from hospital. And I guarantee this isthe best hospital to be in :)

take care

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Always_Searching said...

Hi, I was randomly going through blogs and I happened upon yours... I a mother of three young kids from Albany, New York - your kids are cute and it's wonderful that you are documenting some of their lives on the web! Just wanted to say, from one mom to another - nice job with your blog!