Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 13 post op

well its day 13 post op.. wow time does go fast!
I am not recovering as well as i thought. and spend most of the time in pain. So im ringing the dr today to ask for more meds as i am nearly out of these ones.

The kids are going well.. Natalie is on an excursion today to Glenrock Lagoon.. Not sure whats there other than a hike for them LOL and she is of course on a count down to her birthday.. 1wk today!!!

I have booked Kaitlyn and Rachel into preschool again for tomorrow. g will be at work 10-4 and I am hoping to get to Rhodes for a meet of lovely ladies. So today will be another day of rest.. at least i hope it will be.

Im off to continue my Alias seasons LOL


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WendyC said...

So glad you did make it to the meet of "lovely ladies"!