Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Camping Weekend Away

this past weekend, a long weekend for us, we went to seal rocks for the weekend. took our camper trailer. and it was a HOT weekend. thankfully as evening set in so did quite a cold wind and we could still snuggle in bed.
Friday afternoon after we set up, we haded for boat beach, and the water was like ICE. the kids played around heaps.. digging holes, and burying each other. Benjamin just ate the sand LMAO
Saturday, we took a picnic lunch to foster, and after lunch we went to the beach there where there is a cement pool. the kids loved it. and I was pretty much the only one that got burnt Sigh
Sunday we went back to boat beach in the morning where Im sure the water was colder than the previous time. came back to our site for lunch then headed to swan bay.. was lovely there. We stayed there for hours and all the kids had a great time playing in the water. It was shallow enough for Kaitlyn and Rachel, and Benjamin played in the shallows as well.. and the big girls could also go out deeper (where we couldn't touch)
we came home and showered, cleaned up for the night, and vegged out.
the 3 little ones slept well most nights. and we were thankful for that.
we packed up on Monday at came home (check out was at 1oam) got home around lunch time, packed everything up and washed.. I think i had a bit of sun stroke? as i felt so yuc that night. Glenn went off to work monday night, and we are getting ready for school now, and back into the normal routine..
thats about it from me
take care

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