Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apologies for being a bad blogger......

Big Apologies for those who read our blog.. I have been a bad bad but busy blogger.

Its October already.. Breast cancer Month!!
Ok so catch up here....

  • July - we had a quick trip to Qld for David & Adele's wedding. Glenn's brother was remarried on July 13 in Toowoomba. Glenn had come down from townsville with his Parents and Randall and Mel & Nat met them up there as they went with Uncle Jeffrey. around 630pm the saturday night before hand I chose to drive up there with the little ones. Left about 815pm and got to toowoomba (in Qld) about 730.. just as I was coming into town we ran out of fuel... ugh.. 750kms after I filled up down here LOL Lovely Wedding. the Monday morning we got up and went to Movie World on the gold coast. left there, and chose to drive home.. After of course visiting with Rosemarie & Andrew and the boys. Got to Grafton and got a motel.. it was only midnight. then travelled the rest of the way home the following day.
  • My birthday of course was at the end of the month.. and we had a lovely time.
  • August - not too much happened. Keeping up with the kids.. figuring out where exactly I want to be in life.. and thats still a work in progress lol
  • September.. wow... september already. Yep we've been married 11 yrs now. And this year it fell on Father's day. My Inlaws came over for a BBQ after being away for about 4mo. they were only home a few weeks then off to travel for a few more weeks.
  • September I also decided to take on being a tupperware demonstrator. Its fun, I am with a great team and am really making progress :)
  • October.. the school holidays are here.. its a long weekend time and also a camping time :) we went to Allyn River, and had a fantastic time. Kids didn't want to go home, Nat jumped off cliffs and our old puppy dog came. he was worn out. And now the kids are begging to go again.
  • School holidays we haven't done too much. its been warm. We have made a sandpit for the kids, got a rooster & 3 hens (still too young to lay) and spent heaps of time as a family.
  • Glenn is still out of work, he's had a little work, but only 10days worth. Hopefully we will know something more in the next couple of weeks.
  • Kids go back to school tomorrow YAY they are excited as they have been getting bored at home. And then there is missing their friends. Summer uniform yay.
  • we have also had the twins assessment for school and its all a go ahead for next year.. its scary to think my babies are about to start school even worse when miss Kaitlyn tried on her uniform *sob sob*
  • Ben is finally looking ready enough to potty train, so the potty is out and ready to use this week woohoo

Well its dinner time, I promise to be a better blogger ;)


OOPS forgot the pics.. check out my facebook albums...




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Kez said...

I was just thinking of you last night - good to hear an update..