Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finally some answers - I hope

Ok, a little background..
When I was pregnant with Natalie, I said I was having a boy or a problem girl.. well I got the latter. hopefully I didn't jinx myself.. Natalie has been a difficult child. And until the last 18mo I just thought it was her being a P.I.T.A. but i questioned it. Toward the end of last year I requested that Nat be assessed, for what I didn't know. probably ADD. Until recently a friends daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers. I went through the check list, and a heap of other information and Nat displays alot of the signs of aspergers. so... Once again I headed to my GP and now have a referral to a child psychologist. Aug5.. I should know more. so wish me luck.

its a relief to think that maybe she isn't doing it on purpose.. and I can look at her in a different light reminding myself that she can't help the way she is..

Click HERE for more information on Aspergers.

take care


Anonymous said...

Hi Chandelle, I hope you get some answers. It does make a difference having a name and a strategy for dealing with things. Good luck.

Pam said...

Good Luck. I hope you find the help you are looking for.