Tuesday, April 01, 2008

bad blogger (yet again)

oh wow... where does the time go. I apologise for the time gap in my posts.. must be better blogger.

ok whats been happening?

  • Jameeka turned 2, which required a birthday party.. Kids had heaps of fun and crashed when we got home.
  • Our Bear got the snip, was told that he would be quiet... HA yeah right. he was tearing around the house that night as if nothing had happened.
  • Swimming carnival... Mel kicked BUTT! she won 2 events, and came places in all the other races.
  • Stuka puppy also turned 8!!!
  • Benjamin got croup :(
  • Mel was supposed to have her first Pathfinder's campout but was cancelled due to bad weather :( bummer
  • its MARCH!!!
  • Its Erins Birthday (Nat's bestie) and since our families are close like family, we kinda celebrated most of the weekend LOL We went bowling on saturday night after they had adventurers. had heaps of fun bowling. Kaitlyn & Rachel enjoyed their first time too..
  • Friday the 14th, Glenn flew in.. and when we went to pick up the 3 little ones from preschool Benjamin saw him and laughed, and laughed and laughed!!! was so funny.
  • The saturday was Nat's 9th birthday!!! we went to church, and had a BBQ tea with family.. was lovely!
  • The sunday was Nat's party @ Mingara.. was a fun day of swimming.. and it was lovely to have P and her kids join us as well.. 2 hrs of water activities.. and I made a butterfly cake for her..
  • Glenn flew back to townsville :(
  • The 3 little ones had their preschool photos.. that was interesting.. they will be back in a bit. can't wait to see them
  • then it was Katya's (our triplet) birthday. oh Man can D throw a 4yo's birthday party. Water fights, food, mayhem... great time (Thanks d xoxox)
  • 22nd was Glenn's birthday. we had celebrated the week before.
  • it was also Easter.. and we are chocolated out. Our neighbor had an egg hunt in their yard for all the kids. Lovely gesture. chocolate chocolate everywhere!!!
  • 28th was Tala's birthday (ben's girl) and she is a big 2 now!! yipee!!!
  • I had the dentist, and dr that day.. as well as fridge shopping.. have decided on the fridge.. now just to make sure it fits in the gap we have...
  • saturday we vegged out in the morning, and in the afternoon we headed out to dad's place. where they decided to shout us Macca's... oh they learnt a lesson with taking 5 kids to macca's lmao!!!
  • Kittens - one has gone to its new home :( the other are going soon. they are 8 wks tomorrow. as much as i love them, i can't keep up with them.
  • And now its official... We are not going to move anywhere near townsville.. Work hasn't worked out up there. the company is disorganised and no one wants to work for them... Glenn is flying home on thursday.. and Has work lined up.. looks like it will be a good job down here.

Well there you are folks.. the last month's run down. I will add some photos of the last month very shortly!!

Love to all


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Emma said...

Gees you've been busy! Good to see you blogging again, I've been checking :D

Thanks for the offer on the clothes, if you've got them to give away I'd be more then happy to take them. Just let me know how you want to get them to me, I'm happy to pay postage.