Monday, April 07, 2008

Adventurer Camp

Adventurer Camp was held at Crosslands this year. Its not that far to go.. and a fairly easy drive if you avoid the galston gorge.
We took off around 445.. got there, set up.. The big girls set up their tent and we set up the camper.. ok, so i had to help them just a little LOL
Friday night we had nice warm pumpkin soup for dinner. Natalie on the other hand ate when she turned up.. we barely saw her. Although she did let us know where she was going and with who. She had an absolute ball!!!
Melanie was still in recovery mode from her Year5 camp to Crusaders.. so her plans were to veg out. that she did to a fine art... must get it from her mum ;)
The little 3 ran wild!! they had heaps of room to run... they couldn't go too far, so that was good. Benjamin had fun kicking the ball around. he is a champ at soccer.. it must be a boy thing... lol
the program that was planned kept the kids busy.. lots of worships, and activities. learning about their surroundings to get their habitat award. they had challenges to make them think.. Absolutely Awesome.
Saturday night consisted of red faces.. as the camp had their color bands on..(we were in the red team this year) we separated into our groups and came up with an act... Mel & Nat had a lead role in one.. and they did a great job! I had kaitlyn & Rachel on my lap which meant i couldn't actually video it.. hopefully i can get a copy.. and everyone got a lollypop for participating.
Each Adventurer was given a bag, with things in it, including texta's and a torch.. there was a comp about who could decorate their bag the best.. and Nat won in her group..
Sunday, they had heaps to do including the pool activities ( I swear it was freezing, but the kids disagreed lol) capture the flag, orienteering (learnt from Phil how to use a compas, and get clues to finish their activity sheet)
It was finished up with a game of tug-of-war. boys against girls, red & blue against green & Yellow, then adults v's kids.. was heaps of fun :)
Now to be home and recover LOL
Finish unpacking, catch up on washing... and all that good stuff!!!!

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