Thursday, July 30, 2009

such a slack blogger!!!

I know I know, I haven't posted since JANUARY! OMG that is terrible...

now that life is settling down a little, getting into a routine of blogging might just be possible.
for those that havne't heard, we are now in Toowoomba QLD.

Our landlord in Cooranbong evicted us, cause he had to sell the house. we had so much problem getting a house in that area. applied for well over 20 houses. and nothing. It was a hard road. lots of tears, and prayers.
Then Glenn's Brother suggested we look into toowoomba, and the first time it was suggested, I got my back up and said I wasn't moving there.. well the 2nd time it was suggested, we did.. My parents and Glenn's parents had the girls for a week.. we took Ben with Us, and headed up on the sunday night.

we had a look around at housing, and its $100,000 cheaper to buy up here. things looked brighter. I had a look around up here, and it grew on me. tuesday came, and we looked at a heap of houses.. finally at 4pm we came here.. its not a pretty house on the outside, but the inside we loved. it would suit us perfectly. that afternoon we put in an offer.... later it was rejected, just upped it a tiny bit, and voila it was accepted!!! wow scary! it was Under what we had planned on spending! Awesome.

we had a look at a church school here, and applied for the girls.
made lots of phone calls and arrangements before we headed for home. We drove home on thursday night. Ben slept once again. And then we picked up the girls from school, and told the teachers. I cried when I told the kindy teacher.

school broke up the following week, the truck was arranged, FIL was driving the 8t truck up for us. and we moved the following week. phew!

Our house hadn't settled, but we had to move in the school break. so we stayed with BIL & SIL until our house settled, the friday before Mother's day. Late in the afternoon.

I picked up the key at 4pm, and Met Glenn & BIL here with the first load in our house before Sabbath.

we got another load done on sat Night, and then Sunday did many loads after a macca's breaky. (for mother's day)
Mother's day, May8, was our first night in our new home... ahhh...

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Anonymous said...

Great to see your house and I am so pleased the move has been a good one for you!