Monday, February 18, 2008

missing kittens

Saturday Night... Nat says to me, mum where's the other ginger kitten.. they are always hiding underneath one another.. so we started digging.. discovering that TWO weren't in the box.. I was devastated.. we searched the house, all over. nothing.... i was so upset.. i even searched her hidey holes outside (yes at 11pm in the rain)

The next day (yesterday) Misty went missing.. i thought maybe i could follow her and if she had hidden the others, i could get them... all the kids were looking for her, but i went back in to check the box and there she was feeding. but i could still hear a meow.

I moved the box, and the meows got louder. there were 2 very distressed kittens at the back of my shoes..

what i think happened.. is they went climbing.. just crawling as they do.. and climbed up but couldn't get back.

Anyway all ends well... mummy & babies were reunited and are all fine now.

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