Sunday, December 09, 2007

coming or going... i don't know

alot has happened in the area of moving.
G found out that work is harder to come by when you aren't a local.. so, with finding that out, he drove home. on the way home, someone had contacted his brother about work, and wasn't happy that g had left. well not much else you can do when you miss your family and work isn't going the way it was planned. so we weren't moving anywhere.
the following sunday, we get a call from our landlords. we need to do an inspection. next sunday, we have new tenants moving in.. we are like oh crap... we are moving, but where to?
we get packing and cleaning.
today, the llandlords come, inspection went great. they are really impressed how we have taken care of the house, esp with so many bodies in it. we then discuss what was happening regarding our move. and they don't want to get us to move IF we have no where to move to! fantastic!!!!
We are staying put for now. when the work picks up and g is needed back up there, he will go, earn money, find a house for us and then we can follow.. until then we are here... phew its a huge relief for me.

thats all folks :)

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